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Archive 22

I have known Chandler Withington since our time at Hazeltine National Golf Club started in 2013 with him as the Head Golf Professional and me as a new caddie. Over the next 10 years, our relationship and friendship grew as he became a mentor to me as I looked to use my creativity in the sports industry. When he left Hazeltine National at the end of 2021, he ventured to start Archive 22, Drawn to History with his wife, and asked me to consult with branding, web design, advertisements, artwork, and the product catalog.

You can view his website by visiting

Date: Sep 24, 2022

Client: Chandler and Maureen Withington, Archive 22

Medium: Brand Design, Web Design, Print Design

Landing Page Advertisement

While I did not design this graphic, it is something I talked with Chandler about adding to his landing page to showcase his art and drive people to the Shop page as soon as arriving to Archive22.

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Chandler reached out to me in the Fall of 2023 to design a catalog in a manner that displays his journey, inspirations in life and art, and the detailed process that goes into the pieces of art he creates. You can view the final outcome of this project below.

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