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Brownie Boas


Snake. Chocolate.

This packaging design project began with those two words. After hundreds of sketches of snakes, patterns, branches, and a custom font; Brownie Boas, a Brownie Bite Chocolate Cereal, was created. Below are final deliverables including a vertical ad, details, die-line, and the brand system for this cereal box.

Date: Nov. 1, 2022

Client: Self-Initiated

Medium: Illustration, Product Design, Branding

Brownie Boas-03.jpg
Brownie Boas-06.jpg
Brownie Boas-08.jpg
Brownie Boas-07.jpg
Brownie Boas-01.jpg


Brand Identity

Brownie Boas-02.jpg
Brownie Boas-04.jpg
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