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BSM Hockey Graphic Package

For the 2022-2023 hockey season, I joined the coaching and management staff for the Benilde-St. Margaret's Boy's Hockey program, which I was a student manager for from 2015-2018. In my new role, one of my responsibilities is to design social media graphics and animations to be used on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I wanted my graphic package to feel bold, strong, and medieval to fit the image the school and Red Knight mascot present. In the background of each graphic and animation are high quality detail photos of the team's jerseys to add texture. The primary font is Amador, customized with the look of light and shadows striking the blade of a sword, the secondary font is Beachwood, and the tertiary font, only used on graphics when we wore our alternate jerseys, is Diner Script, customized with the texture of a jersey.

Date: November 2022 - March 2023

Client: Benilde-St. Margaret's Boy's Hockey

Medium: Graphic Design, Marketing Design

Brand Board.jpg
12-3 vs Edina-02.jpg
12-17 vs AHA-01.jpg
12-17 vs AHA-01.jpg
12-20 vs Blake-01.jpg
12-20 vs Blake-01.jpg
12-22 vs Hill-Murray-01.jpg
12-22 vs Hill Murray-01.jpg
12-27 vs Andover.jpg
Cream Score-01.jpg
12-28 vs St. Louis Park.jpg
Cream Score vs SLP-03-03.jpg
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