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Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign

On the way to the arena the morning of September 25, 2021 our Vice President, Ella Zeff, calls me and pitches an idea. "Realistically, how quickly could we put together a campaign for Hockey Fights Cancer and order t-shirts, plan percentage nights, and a team car wash? We could finish the month off with a Hockey Fights Cancer game at our home game against Dordt University October 30."

Six days later we had a full month planned and confirmed to launch our club's first-ever Hockey Fights Cancer campaign, and we did it in conjunction with the National Hockey League, NHL Player's Association, and Executives from both organizations.

Hockey Fights Cancer unites the hockey community in support of cancer patients and their families.


The initiative gets an assist from the entire hockey family. Together, the hockey community looks to inspire hope and courage for those who are living with, going through, and moving past cancer.

Who do you fight for?


Date: Sep 25, 2021

Client: KU Hockey Club, NHL, American Cancer Society

Medium: Digital Product Design, Sports Marketing, Campaign Marketing


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When we launched our Hockey Fights Cancer campaign in conjunction with the NHL, NHLPA, and HFC Assist on October 1st, 2021, our goal was to raise $1,000 towards cancer research and medicine for the American Cancer Society. That monetary goal was quickly reached, and we set a new goal for $2,500 and to spread awareness beyond the KU community. Throughout October, we raised over $3,000 for the American Cancer Society and our campaign reached by more than 80,000 people.

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