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PWHL Franchise Identities

The project aims to develop brand identities for the original six PWHL teams to enhance fan engagement and create a strong sense of identity within the league. It involves creating visual identities, uniforms, merchandise, social media templates, and websites for each team.

Project Pitch

This is a quick initial summary of my project that includes the objectives, target audience, deliverables, tentative timeline, and budget.

Creative Brief

Writing a creative brief for a brand design project involves distilling the essence of a brand into concise, inspiring guidelines that serve as a roadmap for designers to craft compelling visual identities.

Kick-Off Meeting

I hosted a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders in this project to discuss the creative brief, ask questions, and set expectations.

Project Schedule

Developing a timeline for a brand design project involves meticulously scheduling each phase, from initial concept ideation to final implementation, ensuring efficient workflow and timely delivery.

MPDC 5043_Module7_ProjectScheduleDraft-Gantt Chart.jpg

Project Team

Selecting the right team for a marketing project is crucial, as it ensures a diverse skill set, cohesive collaboration, and alignment with project objectives.

Project Budget

Developing a budget for a marketing project involves meticulously allocating resources to maximize impact while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

User Personas

For a brand design project, user personas provide essential insights into the target audience's demographics, behaviors, and needs, guiding the creation of tailored experiences and messaging.


Here are the moodboards for Boston Ivy and Minnesota Frost. As you can tell from the brand identities at the top of the page, Minnesota and Montreal's visual identities shifted after the creation of these moodboards because the official bird of Quebec is a Snowy Owl.

Focus Groups

Conducting focus groups for a brand design project allows for invaluable insights from diverse perspectives, shaping a compelling visual identity that resonates with the target audience.

Client Presentation

Presenting a brand design project to the PWHL involved crafting a compelling narrative that drew on the history of professional women's hockey in combination with creating identities that resonate deeply with the target audiences from each franchise.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest serves as an invaluable tool for brand design projects, facilitating the curation and visualization of aesthetic inspiration and thematic elements into cohesive moodboards. The various boards created throughout this project are linked here.

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