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Locker Room Plan-02.jpg

Rock Chalk Arena

Being from Minnesota, I grew up playing hockey. For many up north, hockey is our life, and for me that did not change once moving 500 miles south. While at the University of Kansas, I was the Director of Digital Media and Merchandise, Treasurer, and President of the Hockey Club. For every home game and practice, our team has to travel over an hour both ways to the arena. One of my goals that over the four years I was at KU was to start the process of bringing an arena to Lawrence, and I felt like this project was a good place for me, as a designer, to start.

Date: Dec 7, 2021

Client: Self-Initiated

Medium: Experiential, Architecture, Perspective, Animation

Exterior Perspective-01.jpg
Ice-Seating View-01.png
Ice Arena Floor Plan-06.jpg
Ice Arena Floor Plan-07.jpg
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