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Saint Paul Brewing Branding

From June 22 to July 6, 2022, the historic Saint Paul Brewing company held a logo design contest that was open to the public. Each entrant could submit up to three concepts and the winner of the contest gets a prize, as well as seeing their creativity put to work as Saint Paul Brewing updates their brand identity.

I submitted three concepts for this contest, but only have the one that both myself and the team at St. Paul Brewing liked the best on display. I finished Top 10 in this contest and received a gift box of merchandise with my brand concept on each of them.

Date: June 27, 2022

Client: Saint Paul Brewing

Medium: Brand Identity

Capitol/Cathedral Hops Concept

This brand concept is based on the similarities of two iconic structures in St. Paul, the Capitol and the Cathedral, and a classic icon of beer, hops. The blackletter type used in the "SAINT PAUL BREWING" and "SPB" marks draws on the style of writing used in historical government and religious documents and books. The name of the font, "Pirata One" was just the cherry on top when looking through the list of beers on St. Paul Brewing's menu and noticing Space Pirate. For this concept, I have provided all applicable marks in black, the SPB color scheme, typography, and common hotspots visitors might see this new identity.

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