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KU Hockey App

When I was at Kansas, one of the biggest issues we've had within the KU Hockey Club was communication between the coaches, team, and staff. The team has their own GroupMe chat, the staff has their own Slack channel, and the coaches have their own iMessage group, but no one is willing to choose one platform and make a group chat with everyone. We also have issues with players not knowing when practice or game times are because those reminders get lost in the constant feed of messages. As a solution, I designed a mobile app where all coaches, players, and staff have access to the team side using their KU ID login credentials. On this app, members can check scores, upcoming and past games and scores, schedule, roster, stats, standings, shop for merchandise, and converse with other members either in groups or direct messages.

Fans can also download this app and sign in with their own credentials and have access to the same pages members do, except instead of messaging other members, they can fill out a contact form that goes directly to the staff, rather than waiting hours or days for a response on social media.

Date: June 21, 2022

Client: Self-Initiated

Medium: Digital Product Design


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Team Member Access

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Fan Access

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